Foregroud Design is a Interior Design studio based in Philadelphia, PA.  Our constant goal is to enhance the interiors of a space in order to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for our clients. 



We have many years of experience in planning with developers, individual residential clients, and commercial clients. This has lead us to understand the need for a holistic view of total projects; from planning trends, analysis, to a developer’s perspective, individual home-owners, retailers and most importantly, consumers needs and wants.


Once the planning phase has been undertaken, we establish a strong concept phase, covering all phases from philosophy, design intent, customisation, as well as individualisation for each project. This phase enables our client to see, feel and understand the project we are looking to creating with them.


Our strength also lies in working within a cohesive team environment, focusing on the same principles for each project. Foreground Design’s ethos is strong in collaboration with clients/developers and other consultants, utilising workshops to create outstanding project specific interiors aligned with the proposed architecture; achieving premium results.


Foreground Design takes pride in ensuring all concepts are applicable and achievable through Design Development which involves finalising design direction with the client project team, quantity surveyor and nominated builder.


Foreground Design’s knowledge of local and international product provides the basis for overall aesthetic on all projects, with initial selections presented as early as concept stage on most design packages. The studio’s expansive library is an essential tool which is implemented on all projects; constantly being updated with new and inspiring materials and products.


Foreground Design also provides a furniture curation, selection and procurement service. From planning the furniture for a house, through to selection of individual pieces and materials, we also customise furniture to suit interior needs. Each home is different as is each client and this service is always tailored for each and every client.






416 Belgrade St. Philadelphia PA 19125